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Sukkot 2023 - The Winter is Past...

  The voice of my lover.  Behold, He is coming Leaping over the mountains, springing over the hills My lover is like a gazelle or a young buck among the stags Look!  He is standing behind our wall, gazing through the windows Peering through the lattice. In response my lover said to me, "Get yourself up, my darling my pretty one, and come.  Come! For behold, the winter is past, the rain is over, it's gone. Blossoms appear in the land and the time of singing has come...  Song of Songs 2 *   *   * What a blessed time we had over Sukkot here at Hebron.  A few weeks before the start of the festival I was impacted by the understanding that our Creator and Father anticipates meeting with His children more than we anticipate meeting with Him.  His love, His desire to meet with us individually and as a fellowship far surpasses ours, to a degree that it is impossible for us to comprehend.  And meet with Him we did. The moed are His.  His appointments with people who call on His Name, ob
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Moedim Preparations

Spring Festival Preparations For us in the southern hemisphere Yom Teruah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot falls in spring.  I might be biased but I think we're pretty blessed to have the new year begin when there's new life and blossom appearing.  On the other hand the weather and wind can be a unpredictable but hey, it keeps it real for Sukkot! This year there's the anticipation of celebrating Sukkot and all that it prophetically points to, but there is a longing to fellowship with our Father and bless Him, listen to Him and enjoy His family. Yakira and I have been excited with the very real expectation that for us there will be a freshness and new life so we have been busy making sure the fellowship home and gardens reflect this.   So we not only make physical preparations but we prepare our hearts.  Yom Teruah has been, Yom Kippur is upon us and Sukkot is before us.  Looking forward to seeing you all drive through our gates!

Misty Moments

 July 2023 I've had a long hiatus in updating the blog but after some prompting I thought I'd pop up a short video.  Yakira and I took some short clips of some of us and we'll do that regularly from now on.  Every month our fellowship meets at Hebron to worship, to honour Shabbat, to enjoy each other's company and to maintain and develop the property.  Those who can stay overnight so we can have more time to be together.  It may seem an odd concept for regular church goers but it's entirely natural for us and something we look forward to.   Eating together, hanging out, working and worshipping together all develops relationships, hones personalities and gives the Ruach time to refine and encourage us. This month was a delightful wintery, misty weekend.  We are at the end of the Mount Lofty ranges so when the cloud sits low it's like being in your own private little world.  Brendan and Neal worked on fixing the house water tank and John was relegated to the tract


We have come together for Pesach and Shavuot, and we are now waiting for Yom Teruah.  The moedim are set by the moon cycles, not by a man made calendar,  and have been set in place since creation was spoken into being.  Yeshua, the perfect image of YHVH, the Word, the Way, the Truth and the Life, is redeeming and guiding those who follow Him alone. Yeshua the Messiah has come and is coming.  Yeshua the Anointed One waxes and wanes like the moon, reflecting the light of YHVH and declaring His redemptive plan with every season.  How utterly blessed and loved are we!   Hebrews 1:2 In these last days He has spoken to us in Son, whom He appointed heir of all things and through whom He created the universe. We obey because we love.   It's not legalistic subservience that we observe His sabbaths and feasts, it is love.  His commandments, His torah, His instruction is His yoke, an easy burden that He shoulders with us because He is kind and good, completely understanding of our

Testing Times

 As a fellowship we are small in numbers but big in purpose and capacity for faith and love, and I don't think there has been a time over the past 20 years that I've been so encouraged by what our Creator and Father is doing amongst us and within us. It's a momentous month in the history of Hebron because we have made our final mortgage payment and now hold the title deed.  It is also the first of the month of Nisan is also the first in YHVH's calendar and Pesach is in two weeks' time.  In only 16 years a small group of people have steadily repaid the loan and improved the property so that it is usable and enjoyable.  There is still work to be done to make the house more suited to our purpose, landscaping and fencing but it is achieveable.  What a blessing and testament to YHVH's provision and economy.   Finance is one topic that YHVH has a lot to say about and one that we are currently being tested in.  One of our beloved community members has lost his ability

Sweet Summer 16

This year our gatherings  have been hampered by the COVID restrictions so unfortunately Hebron has been quieter than normal, so I thought it's about time I posted an update on what has been happening up here. Sunrise on cloudy days are spectacular! A local farmer is agisting sheep here for the summer and they regularly put a side of lamb in the freezer.  Win/win! The bees always look for summer flowering so we will continue to plant trees and bushes that flower each season. For the first time last year we entered a share-farm agreement with a young bloke to cut hay.  It was a learning curve for both of us but it will definitely be of benefit to us financially and a blessing to see the land producing.     Every necessary task that gets completed adds value to Hebron and increases its usability.T he guys are currently erecting a fence line around my place, Tikvah and now my dog won't have to share her water bowl with the sheep this year!    Sometimes, like today, the wind makes b


From winter to spring to summer, cyclic and seasonal changes are a part of life and each has their own blessings and challenges.   This time of year at Hebron the paddocks brown off quickly and the wildlife take in the warmth. There's new growth and colour, expectations and hope. Some years are dry but this year there is rain, although our lower dam is still a puddle.   May YHVH, in His abundant love and mercy,  bless Hebron and all of us who love Him.